Product Update: New Checklist Builder

Aman Hemchand
23 May
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Digitalise big checklists with the new Checklist Builder

- Save time with fast inline editing
- Designed for big and complex checklists.
- Eliminate double-work with automatic reports
- Easy to use with a responsive design

10 checks for free

- Try the product for free with up to 10 reports per month
- Sign up for the free plan to get started immediately

Improve productivity

- Track of responsibilities better by assigning assets to owners
- Plan inspections faster with faster workflows

See how it works

Want a personal run-thorugh? Have you tried it and have some feedback?
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About Checkfirst

Checkfirst is an AI-powered inspection platform. We help businesses schedule and carry out physical inspections with AI. The platform empowers inspection teams to digitalise inspection workflows, optimise scheduling and ensure data protection. This lets them improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce overheads and stay compliant.

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