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Checkfirst charge based on reports, no hidden fees, so you only pay for the value that you get. When you commit to a larger amount of reports per month, you pay less for each report.

Everything you need to get started
Digitalise data collection and verification
Automate inspections at scale
Max questions per checklist
Monthly reports included
Best option for
Small businesses and
inspection agencies
Enterprise inspection companies and technology businesses
Customisable checklists
Digital reports
Units and approvals management
Frictionless inspection experience
Inspection link distribution
Compliant data storage
Localised SaaS dashboard
API-first architecture

How our pricing works

Choose your plan

Depending on how many questions you need per checklist

Choose how many reports

Pay less per report by committing monthly

Your price

Pay per month, or get a discount for annual pricing

More detail on what's included

Customisable checklists

  • Checklist template library
  • Drag and drop checklist editing
  • Checklist instructions and examples
  • Condition reporting
  • Issue reporting
  • Image and video upload
  • AI image verification

Digital reports

  • Interactive digital reports
  • Shareable report links
  • Inspection history
  • Export to Excel, CSV or PDF
  • AI report summaries

Units and approvals management

  • Database of units or assets
  • Unit assignment
  • Approval workflows
  • Automated emails

Frictionless inspection experience

  • Localised inspection app
  • No training required
  • No download required
  • No login required

Inspection link distribution

  • Shareable inspection links
  • QR-code link distribution
  • Automated notification emails
  • Mobile web experience
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Offline capability

Compliant data storage

  • Location stamping
  • Time stamping
  • Digital signatures
  • Secutre, immutable storage

Localised SaaS dashboard

  • Localised admin dashboard
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Role-based user management
  • Google Login integration

API-first architecture

  • Rest API integration
  • Developer Centre
  • Magic link login integration
  • Webhook integration

Trusted by our clients

"It’s been great with on floor employees, more detailed information is getting passed on. Still working on other reports for the best way to have a good flow with inventory management across all outlets. Extremely promising in the space for sure."

Karan Alimchandani

Food and Beverage Industry

"Cleanly designed and easy-to-use tool that makes apartment handovers and check-ins/-outs much more transparent. Checkfirst structures a process that was before done manually, in a tractable way. The best of it: Even guests themselves can contribute in an easy manner. All in all, a great opportunity for every company and everyone that has to keep track of the condition of properties over time in a systematic fashion. "


Home Rental Marketplace

"Using Checkfirst as a trusted third-party platform to provide simple tracking and two-way reports was a no-brainer for us, and the APIs were simple to interact with. The platform allows us to do quick check-in/check-outs that build trust and accountability for both parties while providing reassurance to the owners."


Short Term Rental

"With Checkfirst we were able to create & collect on-site data compliance at scale across all of our listed suppliers to buyers all over the world."


Manufacturing Marketplace

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