AI-powered inspections and scheduling

Supercharge growth with scalable inspections

Avoid negative reviews, overloaded support teams, refunds and lost revenue.
Attract profitable market segments demanding certified and verified products.
Replace manual inspections with digital self-assessments and AI-enabled verification

Stay compliant

Store information securely to maintain compliance with industry standards

Improve efficiency

Streamline inspection processes with automation to minimise time spent on admin

Simplify management

Automate inspection schedules to ensure efficient booking of inspections.

Empower your workforce to do better, faster

Ensure compliance by storing and managing data securely

Optimise the scheduling and assignment of inspections

Improve team capacity by automating administrative tasks

Retain customers by proactively scheduling inspections

This allows you to win more business with a better digital experience for your customers.

Buy, don't build.

Save time by leveraging best-of-breed technology

Cut costs by digitizing workflows 

Automate tasks with an API-first platform 

Automation with AI

Use AI to verify that images match up with the data, using zero-shot classification.

Scan and verify documents with OCR. 

Quickly flag, summarise and action data based on real-time AI verification.

Efficiently manage your workforce with automated scheduling tools.

Get started quickly because Generative AI and Neural Networks require less training than traditional Deep Learning technology.

This allows you to automate the verification process to make it faster and cheaper with better quality data.

How it works



Create your checklist with questions, criteria and image uploads



Send work order links to the inspectors in the field



Fill in the data, with digital signature, timestamp and location



Assess information with AI image verification and manual reviews

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