We exist to inspire trust through reliable data

Our Values

Checkfirst is creating a future where trusted reporting enables sustainable growth


  • We seek variety
  • We like it novel
  • We get it done
  • We stay excited
  • We crave energy


  • We believe in our ability
  • We learn from the best
  • We go all out
  • We have a hunger
  • We work hard


  • We say the words
  • We send the message
  • We write the email
  • We check in
  • We make time


  • We take charge
  • We get the best
  • We stay informed
  • We lead the way
  • We show power

Meet our team

Checkfirst has a team of talented and enthusiastic people spread around the globe.

Benjamin Lambert
Co-founder & CEO

Oyvind Henriksen
Co-founder & CPO

Rami Elsawy
Co-founder & CTO

Aman Hemchand
Head of Business Development

Elmera Toofan
Head of Customer Success

Spencer Grabel
Commercial Manager

Sam Leworthy
Product Manager

Beatriz Costa
Brand & Marketing Manager

Tarek Ismail
Full Stack Developer

Aleksandr Govyashov
Front End Developer

Kareem Assy
Back End Developer

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"In the end, trust is the only currency that matters in Business."

Thomas Friedman

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