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Product Updates

Product Update: New Checklist Builder

Digitalise big checklists with the new Checklist Builder: Save time with fast inline editing, Designed for big and complex checklists, Eliminate double-work with automatic reports, Easy to use with a responsive design


Checkfirst in the finals of the Newconomics 2023

Checkfirst made it to the finals of the HUMAN Neweconomics 2023 Startup Showdown to showcase how AI and Blockchain will enable Humans to capture on site data faster and more effectively.

Industry News

Get an extra layer of protection for your high value transactions

Everyone wants to be protected when making online transactions, especially when they're high value. Trusting your payment processor is the first step to do so, but getting real evidence is even better. Checkfirst and Trustap partner up to deliver an extra layer of protection to your high value transactions in a quick and efficient way.

Industry News

Conscious Shopping: Second-hand marketplaces are set to increase traffic during the holiday season

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about what they buy, sustainability and high cost-of-living being the main reasons for this change. According to Adevinta, 64% of European buyers considered buying from second-hand marketplaces, trusting these as a new solution for their purchase decisions.

Industry News

The power of AI in governance, risk and compliance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of corporate compliance and risk management, offering unprecedented capabilities in fraud detection and protection. Keep reading to find out how


Bridging the Gap in On-Site Data Collection: Traditional Methods vs Emerging Solutions

In an era where data reigns supreme, the quality of data collection is key for businesses across a spectrum of industries.

Industry News

ESG reports will require third party assurance

An article on GreenBiz shared the news that ESG reports will have to be assured by a third party. The legitimacy and accuracy of ESG data will soon need to be verified, which means businesses that don't have the right policies and processes in place will suffer.


The future of Trust in an AI driven world

Last week Checkfirst was at the Portugal Intersect AI Xmas event discussing the Future of Trust in an AI Driven World.We all know AI has been one of the most popular topics of the year and it is becoming popular in all industries and all contexts. While a few years ago AI may have seemed like a very futuristic and complex thing, nowadays it's present in our daily lives and there's no way to escape it.

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Customer testimonials

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"It’s been great with on floor employees, more detailed information is getting passed on. Still working on other reports for the best way to have a good flow with inventory management across all outlets. Extremely promising in the space for sure."

Karan Alimchandani

Food and Beverage Industry

"With Checkfirst we were able to create & collect on-site data compliance at scale across all of our listed suppliers to buyers all over the world."


Manufacturing Marketplace

"Cleanly designed and easy-to-use tool that makes apartment handovers and check-ins/-outs much more transparent. Checkfirst structures a process that was before done manually, in a tractable way. The best of it: Even guests themselves can contribute in an easy manner. All in all, a great opportunity for every company and everyone that has to keep track of the condition of properties over time in a systematic fashion."


Home Rental Marketplace

"Using Checkfirst as a trusted third-party platform to provide simple tracking and two-way reports was a no-brainer for us, and the APIs were simple to interact with. The platform allows us to do quick check-in/check-outs that build trust and accountability for both parties while providing reassurance to the owners."


Short Term Rental

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